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30 seconds quick read on COVID and aviation conferences worldwide

30 seconds quick read:
COVID impact on aviation conferences worldwide

  • The spread of Omikron is increasingly impacting our business of aviation related events
  • About 70% of all aviation related events in January has now been postponed, most of the events are rescheduled to March-May
  • Hybrid aviation events are a good insurance to not having to postpone an event since most hybrid events remain in the calendar
  • Organisers in the US has started to postpone events planned for in January and February, this is a trend break
  • Only four major events for aviation professionals has been put through this year and about 400 remain for the rest of the year

Hybrid events are good insurance against cancellation for all involved.

The general trend for the historic spread of disease in Europe can be seen below. The graph may be a good aid when rescheduling your event or selecting the events that are most likely to go through.
Mid-May to mid October seems to be a somewhat safe bet historically.

Corona Trend

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