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Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC)

The current age of information technology has seen the rise of increasingly autonomous systems where human intelligence is augmented with machine intelligence, and the roadmap for adopting autonomous technologies in aviation is ramping up. As we move to accept increased autonomy in flight systems, in drones, UAS platforms, larger air transport, and in their interactions with ground and space-based systems, the need to assure the safety and verification of these technologies is paramount, particularly for those technologies that incorporate learning enabled functionality. Integrating these technologies within the air transport system while maintaining safety and security requirements will effectively reveal assurance challenges which will, over time, produce certification requirements beneficial to both design and operations at the appropriate level of risk. Beyond certification, there are ethical and environmental considerations along with liability concerns surrounding autonomous machine decisions, especially while managing emergency operations. The 41st DASC will explore the technology roadmap that will enable increasingly autonomous systems that incorporate humans and machines along with formulations that can aid the future certification of these systems for air transportation. Conference participants are invited to submit cutting edge research papers and exchange diverse perspectives on how the industry currently is or how it should be realizing the vision for autonomy in the future. Original research on technical challenges, gaps, and approaches to enhance traditional ATM, UAS, CNS, IMA, security, space systems, and human factors are encouraged.

September 18 2022


Start: September 18, 2022
End: September 22, 2022
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Portsmouth, VA United States

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