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International Symposium on Aircraft Technology, MRO & Operations (ISATECH)

Given the significance and the fast growth of the aerospace sector, this symposium intends to make a positive contribution to the research in the field of aerospace science and technology. ISATECH, an international, multi-disciplinary symposium, aims to address current issues in the aerospace fields such as aircraft design and optimization, aerospace propulsion systems, aircraft guidance and control, state-of-the-art manufacturing, MRO, air transportation operations, use of artificial intelligence in aerospace, clean energy and emission reduction, aerospace legislation, and so on.

The ISATECH’22 provides a unique opportunity for contributors dealing with Aircraft Technology, MRO, and Operations to exhibit their solutions. The conference offers a platform for exchanging insights about the latest trends in aircraft design, propulsion systems, contemporary manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul market development, and maintaining airworthiness to provide innovative solutions to the challenges the aviation industry is facing.

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