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How many aviation events are planned for 2022 worldwide, would you think?

-Swedish startup reveals the numbers and helps the aviation community to re-start.

“When launching AllAviationEvents.Com in November 2021, I said to my wife that if I find and publish 100 relevant events for the aviation industry, we’ll celebrate with Champagne. I actually had my doubts that I would find even that many events, even though I have been in the business for a long time.”
-Lasse Schmidt Westrén, Founder of

Since November, we have had many occasions to celebrate. The listings have surpassed 350 upcoming events. A staggering number confirming that aviation is in the process of re-starting itself. The topics of the conferences and expositions vary. Conferences for Test Pilots, Airspace Management, Avionics, Aerial Firefighting, Electronic Flight Bags, Air Law and Aircraft Operations are some of the exciting topics amongst hundreds of events.

The launch of the website has spread by word of mouth in supersonic speed across the community. Up to ten submissions have arrived per day from organisers, visitors and exhibitors – keeping the founder busy over late nights and weekends checking and publishing the listings. The positive feedback from organisers and visitors has been overwhelming -confirming the founder’s own feeling that this tool was indeed needed by the industry.

“I hope this free online tool will be of good use for everyone within the industry. Organisers, visitors, exhibitors and the media will all find this tool extremely useful during the research part of each role”
-Lasse Schmidt Westrén, Founder

And the future?
-Since it’s a spare time project, I have no explicit plans. A good recipe in the past has been to do things by heart. If I like it, and if I find good use of it – others will as well. The plan is simply to go with the flow and keep my eyes open for improvements and opportunities.

About the founder:
Name: Lasse Schmidt Westrén
Age: 42
Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden since 1989
Born in: Budapest, Hungary
Family: Wife + 2 kids
Spare Time: Flying everything with wings (except for helicopters)
Previous experience: Freelance writer, Founder of Submarine Business, Founder of flying School, Founder of online experience voucher business, Business Developer in several High Tech Aviation Businesses.
Other fun facts: Was the first person to cross the Baltic Sea solo in a sea kayak, a 50 hour long endeavor.

Lasse Schmidt Westrén
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