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The busiest event week of 2021

There has been no shortage of networking opportunities for aviation professionals this week. The busiest aviation related event week of 2021 has come to an end. Despite the amount of aviation shows, there was no shortage of visitors who are hungry to catch up after COVID-19.

Busiest Aviation related event week of 2021

We had not less than 12 events listed this week including Dubai Airshow, European Rotors and the OpenSky symposium at Eurocontrol in Brussels – which I also had the opportunity to follow online (more to come on this later). Read some of the post-event summaries that has been published already below.
European Rotors event report
Dubai Airshow 2021 summary

Next week’s activities looks very promising as well with five listed events. My favourite next week is the Straight Talk interview with Michael O’leary from RyanAir, the interview will be broadcasted live on Tuesday. Previous StraightTalk interviews can be streamed here.

Next week's aviation events

Enjoy your weekend!

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